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Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities

The Power and Freedom to Be Your Own Boss

Nationally Ranked

Your bank mortgage affiliate branch, which is also known as a mortgage net branch, will carry the clout and reputation of a national bank with a strong history in the mortgage industry. As a national bank which is regulated by the Comptroller of the Currency and is dedicated to providing superior service and maintaining a stringent code of ethics, your mortgage net branch is positioned for the long term.

Exempt From Licensing in all 50 States

As a national bank, your mortgage net branch is exempt from licensing in all 50 states, and your net mortgage branch is empowered to do loans nationwide.

Bank or Broker your Loans

Your mortgage net branch may bank loans in house or broker loans to any investor on the bank’s approved investor list which includes virtually every active investor with no restrictions whatsoever. Most of the bank’s mortgage net branches do a combination of both banking and brokering. If your mortgage net branch banks the loan in house, there are no transactional fees charged on the loan other than individual fees which are passed on to the borrower. If your mortgage net branch brokers out the loan, the bank will charge a basis point fee which declines rapidly with volume and is capped per loan.

The Bank's Approach

The bank’s unique approach to mortgage net branching allows the mortgage branch to focus on production, while the bank handles all of the back office mortgage and administrative tasks for the mortgage net branch.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Are you a top-producing originator, mortgage broker, or banker ready to take your business to the next level? Look no further than becoming an affiliate net mortgage branch.

Do You Qualify?

If you are closing $1,000,000 or greater per month, have a minimum of 3 years experience in originations, are a leader with solid management and training skills, and have a solid reputation and uncompromising ethics – then the answer is YES.