September 16, 2017

Benefits and Human Resources

When mortgage brokers and bankers join the bank as a mortgage affiliate net branch manager, the bank takes care of the administrative and support tasks so you can focus on taking care of the customer. The bank becomes your Human Resources department, handling the accounting, benefits, compliance, audits, licensing and other non-revenue generating activities. The bank believes that a mortgage affiliate program should enhance the lending activities of the mortgage net branch, not bog them down with paperwork. When you join the bank, you’ll get:

Full range of Benefits

  • PPO Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401(K) retirement Plan

Full range of Services

  • Hiring/terminations in compliance with state & federal laws
  • Handles all COBRA administration
  • Provides all forms
  • Provides confidential employee counseling
  • Employee review templates and other forms for managers to use with subordinates